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The Veloforte 200

Go far, build your stamina & reward yourself!

Challenge Ended: June 23, 2019
Make the most of these longer June days and build your stamina by riding 200km between June 10th and 23rd. Challenge finishers will unlock a trio of rewards: An exclusive 30% discount; a unique digital trophy; and early access to Veloforte's all-new Real Hydration Collection...a hypotonic and refreshingly pure infusion of real fruit, botanicals, coconut water & electrolytes, made of nature's finest!

Ride 200km in a single activity and you could also win an incredible 3 month supply of Veloforte, worth over £150.

Make sure you join the Veloforte Strava Club and use #veloforte in your Strava posts for the chance to win special Real Hydration packs throughout the Challenge.

The Veloforte 200 is the second challenge in the 2019 Veloforte Ultra Challenge Series - a Challenge-trilogy spread across the year to help you ride often, ride far and ride long. Finish all three and you could win big... a Year's supply of Veloforte products!

Visit to learn more and join the Strava Club.
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