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The Tour de France Challenge 2015

Ride 1,680km, half the distance of the Tour

Challenge Ended: July 26, 2015
1,680km: That’s an average of 73km a day for more than three straight weeks, which is far from easy. Hey, neither is the Tour – the Challenge for the 2015 edition will pay homage to the race’s incredible, relentless difficulty. 

The Tour competitors will race a massive 3,360km over the course of 23 days. Your Challenge is to complete half of this distance, 1,680km, during the same period. 

All Challenge finishers receive a custom-designed digital finisher’s badge to display in their Strava profile, plus the bragging rights of finishing one of the hardest Challenges in a long time. 

  • 74,458
  • 42,602,186
    Total Kilometers Ridden
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