Le Col Giro Challenge

Challenge yourself to complete 110km to earn a £50 ($65) Reward

Challenge Ended: May 31, 2019
The Grand Tours are here, and it's 110 years since the first running of the Giro: kick off your summer season and stretch your legs with 110km of riding.

Finish 110km between May 11th and 31st and earn a £50 ($65) Reward at lecol.cc and unlock the Le Col Giro Challenge badge.

If you complete 110km in one ride you'll be in with a chance of winning a full summer and winter cycling kit setup worth £2,000 (over $2,500) from Le Col.

"The Giro is many cycling fans' favourite Grand Tour for good reason. 110 years since the first edition of the race, the Giro has become an integral turning point of the cycling season and is when you should be starting to feel strong.

Get inspired by the high-octane racing and the Italian Tifosi, push your limits just as the racing season gets in to full swing."

- Yanto Barker, ex-Team GB Cyclist and Le Col Founder

The Le Col Giro Challenge is the first of three challenges coinciding with the Grand Tours this year. If you complete all of them, you'll gain access to purchase an exclusive piece of kit, commemorating the three unique races that highlight the professional cycling calendar. Stay tuned for more info.

Every day we'll give athletes who include #LeColChallenge in the title of their Strava Activities the chance to win Le Col kit. Be sure to also join the Le Col Strava Club for the latest updates from Le Col.

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