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Run Your Local Mountain with On

An epic quest to reach new heights. A global team effort.

Challenge Ended: August 18, 2021
The Run Your Local Mountain challenge is back and bigger than ever. This year we're aiming to reach 60,000,000 vertical meters and, as always, we need your help to do it.

Taking part is simple. Just get outside, scan the horizon, find the highest point and get up there!

No mountains? No problem. Find the steepest hill in town or do laps on a flight of stairs. All that matters is elevation!

Individually, you must log a run that totals 200 meters in elevation gain between August 12-18 to complete the challenge - but there's no limit, so log as many runs as you like and go as high as you can!

If you complete this challenge, you'll win a unique Strava badge and, if you join our official Strava club, an On backpack with your next purchase too. We're also giving away 20 pairs of the all-new Cloudventure trail running shoe to randomly selected participants.

  • 82,682
  • 14,558,620
    Total Meters Climbed