Run Your Local Mountain with On

An epic quest for new heights. A global team effort.

Challenge Ended: September 13, 2020
On is back with the Run Your Local Mountain challenge and this time, we're reaching for new heights. We smashed the 10,000,000 m goal last year by more than double. We had more than 80,000 runners participate globally - from Japan to Slovenia, to France, to New Mexico. This year, we're aiming higher. 40,000,000 m high to be precise. But it only works when we do it together. As a team. Around the world.

It's the challenge to go as high as you can in your familiar surroundings. Step outside, scan the horizon, find the highest point and get there!

No mountains? No problem. Find the steepest hill in your town or do laps on a flight of stairs. All that matters is elevation and teamwork! Individually, each participant needs to log a run that totals just 200 m in elevation gain - but there's no limit, so log as many runs as you like and go as high as you can!

  • 142,101
  • 43,481,633
    Total Meters Climbed
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