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Skratch Labs World Championship Challenge

Ride the distance that Skratch Labs athletes race during Worlds.

Challenge Ended: October 5, 2012
Can you ride 455 miles (732km), the cumulative distance raced by Skratch Labs athletes Taylor Phinney, Tim Duggan, and Evelyn Stevens during the 2012 UCI Road World Championships?

Here are how the miles add up:

   Taylor Phinney  [166mi RR/ 28mi TT]
+ Timmy Duggan [166mi RR]
+ Evelyn Stevens [80mi RR/ 15mi TT]
= 455 miles

Who can do it in 5 rides just like the pros? Who can knock out a few 166mi rides en route to the goal? Show your support for Evelyn, Timmy, and Taylor by pushing yourself to complete this Challenge in as few rides as possible!

Along with your Strava rides, Skratch Labs is looking for pictures and captions documenting your adventures and scenery on the bike. Head over to their Facebook page to post or read updates:

NOTE: Manual entries will not count towards your Challenge effort.
  • 7,891
  • 1,653,046
    Total Miles Ridden
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