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Climb for #ThisIsOurTime with ŠKODA

We're climbing 20 million metres for equality

Challenge Ended: July 27, 2019
This year, 23 women from the cycling teams Donnons des elles au Vélo and the InternationElles are riding every stage of the highest tour in history one day before the men for gender equality in cycling.

Show your support for these inspirational women by climbing alongside them at home, as they complete the final 8 gruelling stages of this year's race, from 20th-27th July.

700 metres will unlock your badge on Strava, but we have higher goals: the highest? To climb 20 million metres in support of gender equality in cycling.

That's the equivalent of the total number of metres climbed by the men's peloton over 500 Tours!

Every metre climbed will count, so get on your bike and start cycling.

Join our ride for equality, Climb for ThisIsOurTime.
  • 24,034
  • 42,066,624
    Total Meters Climbed
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