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HOKA All Racers Challenge - Lyon

Become a racer with HOKA for a chance to win a pair of HOKA Bondi X

Challenge Ended: October 3, 2021
No one is born a runner, but anyone can become one. To celebrate the launch of a new star, the HOKA Bondi X, HOKA challenges all racers, yes you, to get racing this October. The Run In Lyon may be the next goal in your running journey or the first time you've worn a pair of racing shoes but HOKA wants to give everyone a dose of speed.

We've created the HOKA zone in the final kilometre stretch of the Run In Lyon to keep you flying right through to the end. Finish in style and you can enter into a prize draw to win a pair of the new HOKA Bondi X, the carbon plated shoe made for all racers, and entry to next year's Run In Lyon. This challenge has been designed so you can surprise yourself, push yourself and be yourself. Every kilometre counts, make all the training worth while and celebrate with us on the finish line.

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  • 46,109
  • 3,501
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  • 1.2km
  • 9m
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