Alpe d’Huez Climbing Challenge

Climb 1,860 meters in celebration of our sport’s legendary battleground.

Challenge Ended: July 26, 2015
There are climbs, and then there is Alpe d’Huez. No other hill is as storied and rich with cycling history. Those 21 switchbacks are on every cyclist’s bucket list – especially this time of year. 

So celebrate this incredible climb the best way you can: Get on your bike and climb its total height, 1,860 meters. Take it on all at once like the pros or cumulatively over this 10-day period – it’s up to you.  

Challenge finishers will be able to purchase a limited-edition jersey to commemorate their ride. Get through all 1,860 meters and you’ll also receive a digital finisher’s badge for your Strava profile. 
  • 118,818
  • 310,168,722
    Total Meters Climbed
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