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Road to Le Tour de France Grand Départ

Ride 500km and win an official Yellow Jersey signed by Alberto Contador

Challenge Ended: June 30, 2018
L'Etape by Le Tour de France is a series of cycling events designed to let the public experience Le Tour de France. It is the only event where you can race and feel like a Tour de France champion, where you can enjoy the Tour de France's unique atmosphere and passion, with events hosted across 4 continents and 11 countries!

We want to celebrate the Tour de France and inspire the global cycling community, thus we made this challenge accessible no matter where you are in the world.

The challenge is simple, in 2018, the Tour de France Grand Départ is located at Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile, exactly 500km away from Paris Champs Elysées. So join us and get in shape and ride 500km!

If you manage to ride at least 500km in June, you will get the opportunity to win a Tour de France yellow jersey signed by our ambassador Alberto Contador.

Join in and experience the Tour de France in the best shape!

Visit our website for more information on our season full of passion.

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