Lucozade Sport Own the Unknown

It's time to Own the Unknown at the London Marathon.

Challenge Ended: April 23, 2023
We're challenging the London Marathon runners this year to Own the Unknown.
You've spent months training for the London Marathon and now it's time to Own the Unknown. With your marathon training taking you up to near 20 miles, as you pass our Lucozade Sport hydration station at Mile 23, the Own the Unknown segment begins as you look to own distances you've not reached before with the 26.2 mile finish line coming into sight.

You might not win the race but that can't stop you from winning our Own the Unknown challenge. Use the Lucozade Sport you grabbed at mile 23 to fuel you into the Own the Unknown segment as you and your fellow participants take on your longest run yet.

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It's time for you to Own the Unknown. IT'S ON!

  • 62,827
  • 22,169
    Total attempts
  • 0.3 km
  • 6 m
    Elevation Gain
  • 2%
    Avg Grade