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The higher we go, the greater the reward.

Challenge Ended: May 12, 2019
On is here to change attitudes towards altitude. It's the challenge to break new local trails. To find a new mission in familiar surroundings by looking up. It's simple: scan the horizon for the highest point. Found it? That's the goal.

No mountain? No problem. Only elevation matters. And teamwork. Individually, athletes need to log runs that total at least 200 meters in elevation gain - but there's no limit, so get as high as you can! As a team, the goal is to reach a combined total of 10,000,000 meters - that's equivalent to climbing Mount Everest 1130 times.

It's a lofty target. But teamwork makes the dream work; coming together will put us on top of the world. Plus, there's a bunch of unique prizes up for grabs.

Join the On and Polar community on Strava to see how others are tackling their local mountains! This is a global challenge but make sure to check the On website for an organized event in your area to join.
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