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Turn Up the Heat

How many kilometers can you run this October?

Challenge Ended: October 31, 2013
Open every month, our mileage training series is there when you need an extra challenge. Whether you start the Challenge on October 1st or join in the last week, set yourself a distance goal and and make it happen!

To keep you motivated along the way, there are five milestone achievement badges to be earned. They start at 40 km and go all the way up to 200 km.

To celebrate our new Personal Heatmaps , we are also challenging our Premium users to light up their maps before the end of the year when we’ll be looking for the brightest and most interesting heatmaps out there.

Will your heatmap show off your runs from a week in a faraway land, or will your heatmap let us see your dedication to besting a particular route? We can’t wait to see!

From October 1-31, put in the hours, the hard work, and the exploration. Show us the ground you’ve covered and your dedication to the sport you love.
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