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The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc Distance Challenge

Run 170 km, the total distance of the UTMB

Challenge Ended: August 31, 2015
Celebrate one of the toughest, most beautiful races in the world this August. Strava is an official sponsor of the 2015 UTMB, a race that will take 2,300 athletes through the high-altitude passes circling Mont Blanc. Finishers will cover a brutal 170 km and climb around 10,000 m – more than twice the height of Mont Blanc itself. 

Get a taste for this incredible race by running the full length of the course during August. You can break this up over many runs, or take it all on at once. It’s up to you. Just be sure to cover at least 170 km in August. 

Finishers will get an exclusive 10% discount on running devices at the Strava Shop – perfect gear for your next big Climbing Challenge, like the 2016 UTMB! All finishers will also receive a digital finisher’s badge to display in their Strava profile. 
  • 29,336
  • 4,129,469
    Total Kilometers Run
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