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Chiang Mai Vegan Cyclists Festival (whole of January)

9:00 AM Saturday
Meet Up Spot Chiang Mai, Thailand
Casual (No-Drop) / Killer Climbs

The Chiang Mai Vegan Cyclists Festival is a completely free festival for the whole of January in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is the first event ever hosted by the Team Vegan Strava group in its 8 year existence.

The aim is to escape winter, ride awesome climbs and loops, eat jackfruit, mangos and papayas in the park and incredible Thai food at an abundance of vegan restaurants, generally just having a great time recovering from the pandemic, now that Thailand is set to open up for tourism again later this year, well in advance of January 2022. The festival is officially one month long but some people are going to be staying for a few months and possibly heading down to Ko Pha Ngan in March.

The official channel to discuss the festival, travel, Chiang Mai and to stay up to date on all the relevant info is this discord group:

If you have never used discord before, it is an easy to use, free and awesome app (you can also use the web interface without installing anything). It functions much better than Facebook for this kind of purpose/community, hence why we have decided not to make a Facebook page or any other social media page. This discord group is the exclusive official hub for the festival and any other page on the internet about Chiang Mai vegans has nothing to do with this festival. This is a fresh new festival organised by the Team Vegan strava group.

Hope to see you there January 2022!

Berlin, Germany