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The Workshop Cafe+Cycles Bulls Ride

5:30 PM Weekly on Thursday
Meet Up Spot The Workshop Cafe+Cycles, Carrer Magalhaes, 1, 07014 Palma, Illes Balears
Race Pace / Rolling Hills

Are you like us and like to ride FAST ? Sick of the pink brigade with all the gear and no idea 'trying' to hold your wheel ? Enjoy the taste of sick in your mouth and take pleasure in the pain of your lungs burning hard, and your heart racing as if it might pop out your chest any minute meaning you have to pick it up roadside ? If so then you're in the right place ! Come join us every Thursday @1730, for a FULL GAS race pace ride from The Workshop Cafe+Cycles and run with THE BULLS. Don't forget to bring your biggest cojones and hold on tight as we ride though as it's drop or be dropped. Oh, and we don't really discriminate on based on colour, only speed. So if you wear pink bring the legs to back it up : ) #speedkills #ridewithus2

The Workshop CafeCycles Verified Club
Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain