RUN HK's 777 Marathon Challenge 2020

RUN HK's 777 Marathon Challenge 2020 Private Club

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Altra Running HK , The Gone Runners Running Club, Joint Dynamics ,T8 & AB invite you to support Janine Canhams 777 Challenge. Do 7 Marathon Distances, in 7 weeks featuring 7 refugees . The Challenge runs from; 30/12/19 to 16/2/20
Complete 42kpw and enter the lucky draw,
WEEKLY PRIZES: One of V02 Max test, Gait Analysis, Run Training classes, T8 Shorts.
OVERALL PRIZES: 1st 7 to 294k, Free Altras + 1 yr Free GRRC, next 14, 20% off Altras, 50% off 1yr GRRC, 1st 100, a Free T8 waterbottle. Running and Walking recorded on STRAVA only, no manual entries.

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