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World 5k - Weekender

12:00 PM Weekly on Saturday
Beginner / Road

Welcome to World 5k - A virtual event for Anyone – Any Time – Any Place – Anywhere – Any How.

World 5k is a weekly virtual event, that starts in the Pacific and fans out like a domino effect across the world ending in America’s outlying islands.

We're a virtual event, so you can join us any time, wherever you live in the world. Most people join us on the weekend and Saturday is a favourite day for most club members, but the choice is yours - it's up to you how and when you take part.

There is no specific start time, but if you start at the top of the hour, wherever you live in the world you can start running with lots of like-minded people. Invite a friend or take part with your family.

How you choose to complete your World 5k is entirely up to you, all we ask is that you have fun, go at your own pace and at your own risk.

5km is the target distance. You can run, walk, walk your dog, jog on the spot, run laps around the garden, step up and downstairs, skip, bounce, kayak, canoe, climb or use a chair.

Please take care and please respect any local restrictions.

Good luck everyone, stay safe and well.

Don’t forget, you can share your progress and achievements on Strava and join in the global conversation anywhere on social media using #World5k and #W5K

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