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Thursday Hollywood Urban

6:45 PM Weekly on Thursday
Meet Up Spot 300 E Dania Beach Blvd, Hollywood, Florida 33004
Tempo / Mostly Flat

Let's meet in the Winn-Dixie parking lot on the south side of Dania Beach Blvd, east of US1 (from 95, take Griffin east, turn right on US1 and left on Dania Beach blvd. Winn-Dixie is 1/16 mile on your right), at 6:45 to allow for equipment checks (check your tires before we start, please!). We leave promptly at 7p.m. Please do NOT park near the ATM's at the bank. Keep those parking spaces available for bank patrons. Please post any questions or comments concerning the Hollywood Urban Ride here and the group, John or myself will get back to you. 
Our ride is 19-26 miles long at a brisk pace (18++ mph on avg.) riding through neighborhoods, parks, boardwalks, and beach roads between Dania Beach and Hallandale Beach Blvds.We WILL stop for red lights! The ride takes about 2 hours, including two brief rest stops with bath rooms.
*4 routes, may vary

Dave Kresge has taken the time and put together some very good information pertaining to the Tuesday and Thursday Urban ride. He has kept it fun and light. I would ask that everybody read the "Urban ride Etiquette" at least once. A big thanks to Dave for putting this in writing.

The ride starts with everyone riding 14-16 mph to Holland Park (about 4 miles from starting point). At that point we ride the nature trail (if open, optional, and very fun but a little technical) and when we finish there will be 3 options. C group would turn around and head back to the starting point making for an 8 mile ride, sometimes there might not be anybody else turning around at that point so you might be on your own. B Group will continue south to Hallandale Beach Blvd at a brisk pace be prepared to push yourself 15+ MPH. With this group you should be able to get up to at least 15MPH and maintain it. Our last group is a bunch of strong riders and hold 18MPH++. The nice thing is you can start with the A group and decide you want to drop back to the B group it is OK. If you chose this option and lose sight of the A group please stop before you get lost and let the B group catch up and guide you at least until you are familiar with the route. While you ride at your own risk, a helmet is a must, a white headlamp and back red blinky light are mandatory! (for your safety, because we care, and it's the law!). It is also against the law to ride wearing headphones. Please keep to the right at all times and never ride more than two abreast. Please make sure your bike, tires and lights are in working order before we start. This is a no drop ride, but if you fall behind, make sure you let someone know especially if you are not familiar with the route. 

More detail of the route:

Please be courteous to drivers, pedestrians, joggers, roller-bladers, and other riders. This is a weekly ride so we would like to BUILD relationships with the locals, not burn our bridges. Please watch you speed while we are on the Hollywood Broadwalk!

Things for everyone to bring: phone, water, helmet, lights, spare inner-tube (just in case). 
Some riders get a little sumpin-sumpin to eat afterward.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida